Tokyo Central Park☆






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# by greennaturallife | 2007-10-08 00:17 | parks

Lost in Tokyo?

Lost in Translation

From Park Hyatt in Shinjuku,
This movie and Shinjuku and Park.

Feeling like beeing foreigner in strange country.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-21 09:57 | parks

Cafe near the Gyoen Park

Care for coffee??

I love coffee.
This cafe is close to Gyoen, only 2 min walk.

Talking, reading, thinking, whatever you like.

Tokyo does have cafes.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-20 09:46 | parks

What they feel

You see the skyline of Shinjuku NTT tower over there.

Gyoen is right in the city.
Center of the city.

I wonder what people who are working in the building, how they feel of the park and what they see.


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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-19 20:31 | parks

Tokyo Park and girl friend

Lovely honey in the park

Get together wih friends is fine but more than that....

Seeing someone special in Shinjyuku Gyoen,
sitting next to you tightly,
holding hands.

Lovely honey in the park.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-19 12:52 | parks

Pennsylvania hospitality candle

My second home town, Pennsylvania,
The warmth of lights is coming from the windows.
People call it Hospitality Candle,
Welcoming you to their home.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-15 15:37 | myself

Japanese people still likes Camera!

In Gyoen Park, people are busy taking photos!
Japanese people with Camera!
Yes, off course! Why not?!
Kiku, Chrysanthemum, is traditional target of pictures.
Get in the crowd!

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-14 11:46 | parks

Tokyo Church on Sunday

Tokyo does have Church.
On Sunday, with nice dress shoes go to church.
Cars are making noise outside but
You can keep silent inside.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-14 09:58 | myself

Starbucks and Tokyo

Tokyo has been expanding.
Starbucks in Tokyo has been expanding.

You can enjoy season in Starbucks.
Christmas already.

Let's go to the park with a mug of Starbucks!
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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-13 21:05

Shinjyuku Gyoen Park

Shinjyuku Gyoen Park is located between Shinjyuku and Yotsuya. Shinjyuku was called as Naito Shinjyuku in Edo era, because the Samurai Naito has been owned. Gyoen is started as his private garden.

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# by greennaturallife | 2006-11-13 17:36 | parks